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Integrated Approach to Therapy

My Approach

I use an integrated approach that allows for a spontaneous and creative interaction and exploration of your concerns and difficulties during our work together. My approach is grounded in fundamental therapeutic modalities that include Jungian psychology, existential analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, logotherapy, family systems, and depth psychology. Our sessions may include reviewing dreams, tapping into creative aspects that have been dormant, being present to shadow aspects, discerning a path for navigating the practical issues in life, and learning new skills and insights for managing interpersonal relationships. We will also investigate what may be calling you to bring more meaning and purpose in your life while addressing what may be obstructing that calling.

I am a strong believer that to have a balanced and healthy psychological state of being, we need to have balance in the roles we play in life: work, family, personal time with creative expression. There is a strong correlation between having more creative expression in all your roles and experiencing a more pleasant and joyful inner state of being. 

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