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Integrated Approach to Therapy

My Approach

My approach is to work together so that you experience the therapeutic healing process of existential counseling in safety, with dignity and respect, with competence, and in an atmosphere of care and concern mixed with “lightness of being”. We start by identifying and caring for your immediate concerns and difficulties. Then we identify what brings you joy and meaning in life to develop your personal mission statement. Next we work to integrate your purpose into your daily life by applying new tools and skills so that energy is redirected to the activities you most value. As a result, a shift in perception and deep healing takes place from one's inner core - The Self.  One can then begin to experience inner states of peace, a new vitality with enthusiasm towards life, and an inner joy regardless of outward circumstances. 

This process will involve 4 stages of development, referred to as the Four Fold Path. This path incorporates a variety of fields of study that includes therapeutic practices, philosophies, and teaching stories to facilitate your discovery process. Specifically, this integrative approach includes logotherapy, Jungian psychology, spontaneous drawing, existential analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and depth psychology.  Understanding that each individual journey is unique, I will respectfully care for the particular form that unfolds during our work together.

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