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Existential Counseling starts by placing you and your concerns at the center of our collaborative work together. This collaboration is performed in an environment of safety, dignity and respect, competence, and care mixed with "lightness of being". I use an integrative approach designed to address your specific concerns using the insights of clinical and existential psychology, Jungian and depth psychology, teaching stories, religion, mythology, enneagram, literature, art and dreams. 

Dedicated Personal Support​
Men's Issues
Grief and Loss
Life transitions
Career counseling
Executive coaching
Relationship issues
Existential questions
Personal development and change in perspective
Integrative Methods Used
Four Fold Path practices
Logotherapy & Existential Analysis
Jungian psychology
Transpersonal therapy
Dream inquiry
Depth psychology
Existential coaching
Life coaching
Boundary and Integrity modeling
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Spiritual Counseling
Mindfulness techniques
Family Systems

When we practice self reflection, we can come to realize that our actions impact not only ourselves but also those we love. Then we can truly start living. When we come to realize our thoughts, feelings, and actions are not predetermined by external influences, our options will expand.

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