The Purpose of Existential Counseling


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The Focus of Existential Counseling

Existential counseling involves the process of finding individual meaning and value in life and can support your unique expression of purpose in the world.

Anxiety, fear, apathy, depression, frustration, loneliness, meaninglessness, anger, insecurity, unresolved grief, illness, and chronic conflict – this is human suffering.

To transition through the seasons of one’s life with its ever-changing landscape of joys and sorrows with grace, to experience grief and loss with dignity and respect, to care for ourselves and the environment we live in, to connect with our community, and to face our own mortality in a state of serenity – this is wholeness.

To move through our suffering towards wholeness – this is our reason for existential counseling.

Together, we explore your concerns through the insights of clinical and existential psychology, Jungian and depth psychology, teaching stories, religion, mythology, literature, art and dreams. I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey!


About Me

I have always been attracted to learning new ways of seeing life's many situations and challenges. These perspectives have served as portals to opening a new way of being and experiencing. These new viewpoints were sought by emersing myself in many fields of study, philosophies, different cultures, and through a variety of living and work environments. Points of common ground were found and also distinctions; both allowed for new perspectives to emerge. These new perspectives are fertile ground that impact all our relationships including the most important one of all: the one we have with our-Self.  


My personal journey has included working in the volatile banking industry for over 28 years before acquiring a clinical social work/ therapy license while navigating major life transitions. I have also dedicated years to learning guitar focusing on Flamenco as well as dancing focusing on Argentine tango. One key element that has remained constant throughout the years has been a magnetic attraction to inner work and, ultimately, the desire to partner with others in facilitating their journey to experience new perspectives and new ways of being.  

Additionally, I serve as a board member of Charlotte Friends of Jung non-profit organization.  This interest and expertise in Jungian psychology also informs my therapeutic approach.

Marc Adams